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September Sweet Kawaii Design Haul


August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

It’s been a while since I’ve hauled anything from Sweet Kawaii Design and a lot has changed with the shop since I last purchased from them in December. Shop owner Tesia has changed the paper from a permanent matte to a repositionable vinyl paper. I liked the old paper so I was a little upset at the change, but I wanted to try out the new paper anyway. How can I knock something I haven’t even tried?

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Abundance of Erica Haul


abundance of erica haul

Today I’m sharing with you my fourth order from the Etsy Shop Abundance of Erica. This shop is relatively new and has a small selection, but the shop owner’s willingness to do to custom orders is what makes me come back. Check out the haul below!

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A Week in My Erin Condren: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6


Erin Condren Life Planner Horizontal Spread

Check out last week in my Erin Condren Life Planner! More pictures are down below.

There are those weeks that didn’t necessarily feel busy, but you look back and realize that you accomplished a lot. This was one of those weeks. Looking back at my planner, there wasn’t a lot scheduled, but I got a ton of things done that I am really proud of.

I gave a presentation, I wrote three blog posts, I finished two papers, it was my mom’s birthday and I celebrated my anniversary with my boyfriend. It was a lot, but it didn’t feel that way. Probably because I planned it out so well. 😉

What I love most about this spread is that I got to try out some new stickers. I started a Christmas countdown with the Have a Parade stickers I hauled a while back. They are small and don’t take up much room. They also add some Christmas cheer to my functional spreads without being too distracting. I also used a couple of Planner Kate stickers that I got in a flash sale a few weeks back. They are so easy to write on and peel off of the page when I placed them a little crooked. That’s why I love removable stickers!

The weekend banner, checklists and dividers are from the monthly kits from Ladybugzdesignz. The cardboard boxesTV stickers and smaller, skinny flags are from abundanceoferica. The birthday stickers come in the Erin Condren Life Planner.

Erin Condren Life Planner Page 1 Erin Condren Life Planner Page 2

What is your favorite part of trying new stickers? Let me know down below!

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Have a Parade Sticker Haul


Have a Parade Haul

I haven’t bought new stickers for my planner in a while, so I decided to treat myself to a couple of stickers from Have a Parade.

Have a Parade is an Etsy store that specializes in stickers for the Erin Condren. Her stickers are affordable and come in such vibrant colors. All stickers are printed on glossy, permanent paper. I received a small sampler as well that included some decorative and functional fall stickers.

With Christmas coming up, I wanted to get some countdown stickers ($3.50.) What made these stickers stand out to me was that each sticker has a different icon in it. Most of the countdowns I found on Etsy had the same icon for the entire countdown, and that didn’t seem like much fun to me. While the icons do repeat, it’s not in the same week and that’s fine with me. The stickers themselves seem smaller than what I thought they would be. I thought they would fit across the length of a Erin Condren box, but they are much smaller. However, this is fine with me because it won’t take up that much room.

Christmas Countdown Stickers by Have a Parade

I also bought some functional stickers. These small banners ($3) will be perfect for writing the time of an important appointment or for marking off a special occasion.

Shipping was relatively fast. I got these in about a week from when they shipped, which was two days after I placed the order. And considering they came from California to New York, I’m fine with that!

I’m excited to use new stickers in my planner and get ready for Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year! Are you doing anything interesting in your planner to celebrate the holidays? Let me know down below!


Inside My Erin Condren


Erin Condren Horizonal Cover

As a busy college student, I need to carefully plan out my days. Juggling class, papers, tests, meetings, clubs and being the news editor of school’s newspaper is a lot of work. In the past, I’ve used smaller, simpler planners to plan out my day, but I never had enough room to write or the motivation to actually look at it. But because it’s my senior year, I decided to switch to an Erin Condren.

The Erin Condren is a popular planner in the planning community. Many people like it because it has two different layouts (vertical and horizontal,) it has colorful, customizable covers and an avid community for stickers. I thought that if the planner was large, colorful and filled with stickers, I might actually use it for than just writing down homework assignments.

I chose the horizontal layout since I write really large. I need more space than others to write what I need to get accomplished. I also don’t use that many decorative stickers compared to others, so the vertical layout was out of the question. I’ve always used a horizontal planner, so this layout is very familiar to me.

Erin Condren Horizontal

This is what a typical week in my planner looks like. Pretty crazy, huh? I use stickers to emphasize the most important meetings and tasks that day, as well as when tests are given and when papers are due. Towards the bottom in the notes section, I have a running to-do list as well as a place to track my workouts.

Erin Condren Horizontal 2

Here is a closeup on that week’s spread. I have plenty of space to write. What I like about the Erin Condren are the customizable covers. As you can see up top, I was able to put my name on the cover. The covers are even interchangeable, so I can change up the designs depending on the season. I also like that the pages are thick and of good quality. I have never had a rip at the coil or have ink bleed onto the next page.

However, there are things I don’t like. Even though the horizontal colors are more muted than the vertical colors, I find them too bright. I would never bring this planner into a business meeting or a professional setting. It’s just too flashy and bright, even if I didn’t use any stickers. I also don’t like how inconsistent their quality is. I’ve heard people complain of getting the wrong planner, getting customized items that weren’t theirs, pages that are missing and even waiting three months to get a ready-to-ship item. Thankfully I haven’t had any problems, but it happens too often for me to whole-heartily recommend this planner to others.

While I initially planned on using this planner for school only, I think I will continue to use this once I graduate in May. It’s too cute to just put on a shelf to collect dust! I’ve also noticed that I’m more motivated to get homework and tasks done if I write them on a cute sticker.

Do you use a planner? If so, which one? Let me know down below!


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