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The Planner Junkie Haul

October 19, 2016

The Planner Junkie Haul | The Rebel Planner

So this haul is pretty old (like, three months maybe?) but I thought I would share it anyway. This is my first order from the shop and I’m really happy with it! Check out what I ordered down below.

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August Planner Kate Haul

September 16, 2016

August Planner Kate Haul | The Rebel Planner

So I was supposed to haul all of these Planner Kate stickers back in August, but more exciting posts came up and this one got pushes to the back burner. Today I’m sharing these stickers with you!

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KPL Plans Haul

December 21, 2015

KPL Plans Haul

Another Black Friday haul! This time from KPL Plans. I saw a YouTuber using this shop and I wanted to try them out. This shop had 40% off so of course I had to buy some things. Check out my KPL Plans haul below!

The package came in a bubble mailer. The stickers came inside a plastic packaging to protect them from water and damage. I wish that the stickers came in a sturdy cardboard mailer, but it was purple! Can’t go wrong with purple.

KPL Plans offers both glossy and matte stickers. Matte stickers are less expensive and both glossy and matte have permanent adhesive and cannot be lifted after placement without ripping the paper or sticker.

Cancelled Stickers

These Canceled, Rescheduled, Postponed, Not Today and Planner fail stickers ($3.75) stickers will come in handy when I write something in my planner that just did not happen. The stickers will look nicer than crossing the plan out with pen. I love the colors!

Weekend Banners

I love how these Horizontal Weekend Banners ($3.75) look. I have kits that have four weekend banners in them, but sometimes there are months with five weeks in them. This will be nice for that extra week.

KPL Plans Sampler

The sampler is matte paper and has a bunch of different icons, checklists and other stickers. I love the happy mail truck!

KPL Plans is still a small shop, but I hope they expand the selection soon!


Sweet Kawaii Design Haul

December 16, 2015

Sweet Kawaii Design haul

Over Black Friday weekend, Sweet Kawaii Design had a sale that was too good to give up. I’ve been wanting to purchase from this shop for a while, so having 10% off made it happen! Check out my Sweet Kawaii Design haul down below!

The package came in a sturdy cardboard mailer sealed with a sticker. The stickers were inside of a cellophane wrapper that kept them safe from any bending or damage in the mail. The stickers are printed on permanent, glossy stickers which means they will be difficult to remove once placed down. Tesia, the shop owner, does not recommend peeling them up since they will alter the quality and color of the sticker. I have not tried it so I cannot vouch for it.

Itty Bitty Blog stickers

The first sheet I got is the Itty Bitty Kawaii Blog Stickers ($3.95). I put a penny next to them to show the scale of the Itty Bitty stickers. They are tiny but are perfect for people who want stickers in their spreads but need room to write as well. They don’t take up much room.

Itty Bitty Girl Suitcases stickers

I do a lot of traveling between family, school and friends, so these Itty Bitty Kawaii Girl Luggage Stickers ($3.95) are great for marking those times. I love how many I get and the different colors.

Time to Plan stickers

The last sheet I got is the Kawaii Planner Stickers ($3.95). These are the only full-sized stickers I bought. These will add some fun to marl the days that I plan next week! (As if that wasn’t fun enough.)

Black Friday sampler          sampler

Most shops come with a sampler and this was no different. The sampler has a bunch of different holiday and winter themed stickers. But I guess because I ordered on Black Friday I got a second holiday sampler. I’m not complaining! I wanted the holiday lights stickers but decided not to. I’m glad that they came in the sampler.

I’m very impressed with the sticker quality and how fast these stickers shipped out. I will definitely order again in the future.

Have you ordered from this shop? Let me know down below!


My First Planner Kate Haul

December 4, 2015

planner kate haul

I’ve always wanted to order from Planner Kate, so when I saw that she had a 40% off flash sale last week, I had to take advantage. Check out my first Planner Kate haul below!

All Planner Kate stickers are printed on matte, repositionable sticker paper. I love this because matte paper is easier to write on and if I want to move a sticker around, I can do so without ripping the paper or leaving behind adhesive.

The stickers are cut perfectly and I don’t see that any ink smeared in the printing process . What I am upset about is that the USPS bent my package a bit and as you can see below, some of the sheets are curling. Despite the curling, the stickers lay flat. I ordered on Nov. 22 and the package was shipped on Nov. 24. That was really fast! I got the order on Nov. 27, but since I shipped it to my school, I couldn’t pick up the stickers until after. Some shops take weeks to ship out stickers, but this shop shipped the stickers incredibly fast.

The color selection is really nice here. The colors work really well with the Erin Condren horizontal planner, which is what I use. Some colors don’t match the monthly colors exactly (pink), but they work perfectly for every other monthly color. I can see these working well with the vertical as well.

appointment labels

These appointment labels ($5) work well to mark off important meetings and appointments. Mark the time in the square on the left and write the appointment or meeting in the blank white box. These are super skinny and don’t take up much space.

laptop stickers

I want to use these laptop icons (sold out, similar) to mark when I have to work on my blog or when blog posts go up. I love how clean these look and how vibrant the colors are.

half boxes

Half boxes ($5) are great for marking off an important meeting, appointment, date or event. I like to use these when an issue of my school’s newspaper is out. I wish there were two of every color, though. There’s only one dark purple, orange, lime green and coral yet doubles of others.

single dot stickers

Planner Kate is known for their double dot stickers, but these single dots ($5) are just as nice. I like to use these to mark off when class is canceled, when I’m meeting with a group to work on a project or when I’m meeting with friends for lunch.


I really like the variety of this sampler that came free with my order. Usually shops give out samplers that have to deal with the season, and while those are nice, sometimes that season has passed and aren’t usable until next year. This one has functional stickers and decorative stickers in all sorts of shapes and colors. I cannot wait to use that sequin half box in my January spread.

Although Planner Kate stickers are expensive at $5 a sheet, I’m going to order again – but only when there is a sale. These stickers are of nice quality, shipped fast and work well with the colors of the horizontal.

Have you purchased any Planner Kate stickers? Which ones?