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Bundle Monster Teenage Dream Candy Heart Nails

September 4, 2017

Bundle Monster Teenage Dream Candy Heart Nails

I’m back with nail art! It’s been quite a hot minute since I’ve posted nail art. I fell off the wagon for a while. I didn’t even paint my nails for a whole month. After 5+ years on constantly having my nails painted, I think I was burnt out. But after doing this nail art and trying some others, I think I may be back in the swing of things. Let’s hope this streak lasts!

Today’s look uses the Bundle Monster Teenage Dream stamping plate set. These plates came out a while ago, but this is one of the first looks I used using multiple plates. I was inspired by these nails by midnight_stamper. I did mine a little differently, but I think the overall look is the same. Check out how to get these nails down below!

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March Empties

April 4, 2016

March Empties Overview | The Rebel Planner

As comes the March Favorites post comes the March Empties post. While I was planning on doing seasonal empties, I realized I gathered too much trash to 1. write about four times a year and 2. hold onto for that long. Check out how I felt about these products after the jump!

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2015 Nail Polish Favorites

December 31, 2015

2015 Nail Polish Favorites.

It’s finally here! The end of year favorites posts. I look forward to seeing them from other bloggers, so I thought I’d share my list! Check out my 2015 Nail Polish Favorites down below!

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Christmas Dotticure Nail Art Tutorial

December 11, 2015

Christmas Dotticure Nail Art

Today marks the day that the Christmas nail art begins! I started off easy with a dotticure, or a manicure that is created out of dots. I chose to do one that looks like a gradient. It’s super easy for beginners but looks really elegant. Check out a step-by-step guide below!

What you’ll need:
Gold nail polish (I used Orly Luxe.)
Red nail polish (I used Zoya Dakota.)
Green nail polish (I used OPI Jade is the New Black.)
White nail polish (I used OPI Alpine Snow.)
Dotting tools of different sizes
Tray for nail polish – yogurt lids, plastic plate, etc.
Cleanup brush and cotton pads

  1. Paint on the gold nail polish. Let it dry for 10 minutes.
  2. On the tray, put a generous amount of white, red and green nail polish.
  3. With the bigger dotting tool, start dotting white dots along the tip of your nail. Work your way up about 1/3 of the nail. You want the most concentration of dots around the tips of your nails and the least towards the cuticle. This is how you’ll achieve the gradient effect.
  4. Repeat with red then green nail polish. Try not to think of where the dots are going and don’t be afraid to have the dots overlap. The nails that are more random turn out to be the best!
  5. With the smaller dotting tool, start adding dots of all three colors to fill in any gaps around the tip of the nail. Leave a few single dots about half way up the nail. The different sized dots will make the gradient more interesting and complex.
  6. Clean up around the cuticle with a cleanup brush and acetone.
  7. Apply top coat and you’re done!

The cool thing about this nail art is that when it starts to chip at the edge, just add more dots. It doesn’t mess up the overall look but saves the manicure.

Christmas Dotticure Pin

This nail art can be done year round with a ton of different colors. What color combination do you want to try? Let me know down below!