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Sugary Sweet Kitty Decal Tutorial


Sugary Sweet Kitties Tutorial | The Rebel Planner

For Halloween this year I set out with the intention to create a full week of nail art designs and makeup looks. But that didn’t happen. I was looking at my collection of stamping plates and found three that had candy, ice cream and donuts and I thought to make a spooky candy-themed nail art. But instead I got this super cute, sugar-coma inducing candy design. I’ve never made stamping nail art decals and actually used them, so creating this nail art was a bit of a challenge for me. I think it turned out pretty good and I have some tips and tricks to create a perfect nail polish decal.

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How to Use Liquid Latex for Nail Art Clean Up


Nails After Stamping | The Rebel Planner

So, you’ve been perusing that famous nail art Instagram when you start to notice a trend: that weird peeling stuff around the nails and cuticles. You’re confused when you see the nail artist remove it at the ends of the video and the skin is magically clean from nail art mess during stamping, gradients, water marbles, nail vinyls and other nail art. What is that stuff you ask? It’s liquid latex, and today I’ll show you how to use it and where to buy it.

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Half Moon Mani Tutorial


Half Moon Mani title

Damn Allie, back at it again with the nail tutorials! Yeah – today I have another nail art tutorial for you all. I’ve been digging nails vinyls lately. They make creating sophisticated looking nail art so easy. Find out how to get this half moon nail art!

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St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Tutorial


St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Tutorial | The Rebel Planner

I never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day much, but this year, especially seeing all of the beautiful nail arts, I was inspired to create my own. This involved sponging, nail vinyls and free hand nail art, so I was definitely in for a challenge. This was surprisingly easy though! Find out how to recreate this at home below.

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Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial


Valentine's Day Nail Art logo

Valentine’s Day is slowly becoming my favorite holiday. I may be partial because I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years now and we’ve had a lot of great Valentine’s dates. The pink hearts and lovey-dovey greeting cards made me happier and sappier than I ever thought I could be. To celebrate my newfound love for this holiday, I decided to create a fun and easy nail art. Check out after the jump!

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Red and Gold Graident Nail Art Tutorial


red and gold nail gradient

I’ve been playing around with gradients lately. They’re tricky but look oh so beautiful on the nail when everything is completed. I wanted to do a Christmas nail art, so I put my two favorite Christmas colors together to create a red and gold gradient with gold glitter. Check out how I did it below!

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Christmas Dotticure Nail Art Tutorial


Christmas Dotticure Nail Art

Today marks the day that the Christmas nail art begins! I started off easy with a dotticure, or a manicure that is created out of dots. I chose to do one that looks like a gradient. It’s super easy for beginners but looks really elegant. Check out a step-by-step guide below!

What you’ll need:
Gold nail polish (I used Orly Luxe.)
Red nail polish (I used Zoya Dakota.)
Green nail polish (I used OPI Jade is the New Black.)
White nail polish (I used OPI Alpine Snow.)
Dotting tools of different sizes
Tray for nail polish – yogurt lids, plastic plate, etc.
Cleanup brush and cotton pads

  1. Paint on the gold nail polish. Let it dry for 10 minutes.
  2. On the tray, put a generous amount of white, red and green nail polish.
  3. With the bigger dotting tool, start dotting white dots along the tip of your nail. Work your way up about 1/3 of the nail. You want the most concentration of dots around the tips of your nails and the least towards the cuticle. This is how you’ll achieve the gradient effect.
  4. Repeat with red then green nail polish. Try not to think of where the dots are going and don’t be afraid to have the dots overlap. The nails that are more random turn out to be the best!
  5. With the smaller dotting tool, start adding dots of all three colors to fill in any gaps around the tip of the nail. Leave a few single dots about half way up the nail. The different sized dots will make the gradient more interesting and complex.
  6. Clean up around the cuticle with a cleanup brush and acetone.
  7. Apply top coat and you’re done!

The cool thing about this nail art is that when it starts to chip at the edge, just add more dots. It doesn’t mess up the overall look but saves the manicure.

Christmas Dotticure Pin

This nail art can be done year round with a ton of different colors. What color combination do you want to try? Let me know down below!


Red Glitter Fade Nail Art Tutorial


glitter fade

I wanted to get back into nail art, so I decided that I would go back to a stand-by: the glitter fade. It’s easy, has lots of sparkle and it looks like you spent a lot of time on it.

Usually with glitter fades I will paint on the glitter, but I thought I would try a technique that I have never tried before.

Using makeup sponges, I created this glitter fade easily and without creating a thick nail in the process. The sponge soaks up all of the nail polish base and leaves behind the glitter. This makes the glitter go on more opaque, with less layers and less work.

What you will need:
A base polish of your choice
Glitter polish
Latex free makeup sponge (like these)
Cleanup brush and cotton buds
Cuticle oil

  1. Paint your base coat and base color like you usually would. For this glitter fade, I chose Zoya Dakota. Let dry 10 minutes.
  2. Take your glitter polish (I chose OPI In True Stefani Fashion) and wipe it along the edge of the makeup sponge.
  3. Start dabbing the glitter at the edge of the nail. When there is less glitter on the sponge, start working towards the middle of the nail. This will create the fade. Repeat until you get the desired opacity.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each nail.
  5. After 10 minutes, apply top coat.
  6. Glitter will get around your nail, but it’s easy to clean up. After the top coat has dried, wash your hands and try to scrub around the nail. Then, apply cuticle oil. The oils will lift the glitter. Repeat this process until all of the glitter is gone.

That’s it! It’s an incredibly easy nail art that only takes a few minutes. The only thing I wish I had was a latex barrier. These barriers make cleanup easier. They’re kind of expensive (you could go the DIY route and just buy special FX latex, but that’s messy), but they make cleanup so much easier. It’s something that I want to pick up sooner than later!

glitter fade up close