About Me

I like to consider myself a rebel. I’ve shaved off a side of my hair, I’ve dyed my hair with Kool-Aid, acid green eyeshadow is my favorite to wear and I rock black lipstick on a casual day.

But I’m also a planner. Spontaneous trips don’t sit well with me. I need to know where I’m dining hours in advance. When I have an idea, I write down the steps needed to achieve the end goal.

Rebels don’t plan. Planners don’t rebel. That’s just how things work.

But that’s just how this Rebel Planner works.

My love for nails started in 2009 when OPI came out with its Alice in Wonderland collection. Although I wasn’t able to snag the sought-after Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice, I was able to pick up some of my favorite nail polishes that started a spiral into a collection that is home to over 100 polishes. It’s nothing compared to some others, but it’s a collection that I’m proud of.

Makeup came into my life in 2011 when I looked up a Rainbow Brite tutorial on YouTube and came across xSparkage. Her colorful eye shadow looks caught my attention and I have been sucked in ever since. My favorite eyeshadow combination is yellow, green and blue. It’s gorgeous!

At first, I thought glam planning was really… a waste. Why would someone spend over $100 on stickers and a paper planner? I watched videos half laughing but half interested. After months of watching planning videos, I bought a Erin Condren Horizontal Life Planner in July and I don’t think I could ever go back to planning any other way. The planner community is fun, supportive and lets me get out another creative side of me that makeup and nails can’t provide.