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May VNYL Subscription Review: #SPRINGiton

July 7, 2017


May VNYL Subscription Review: #SPRINGiton

This is a Rebel Post. Rebel Posts are off-topic posts about anything I feel like writing about. Please enjoy.

After getting into vinyl records, I had thirst for collecting vinyl. I was visiting the Newbury Comics near me almost every weekend for a new record. It got so bad I was visiting my local store almost three times a week. I created a Discogs account and started buying records off of there. I wanted every album I ever loved on record.

Then I found VNYL, a subscription service that used your Spotify, Last.FM and other accounts to hand-pick and deliver you three records a month. Honestly, I thought this was too good to be true at first. Would I actually get records that I love, or will I get records that sort of sound like what I would want but I don’t really like? Read my VNYL subscription review down below (with bonus YouTube video!)

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