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Camp Gritty Dance Party Makeup Feat. Melt Cosmetics Blow


Camp Gritty Dance Party Makeup Feat. Melt Cosmetics Blow

Between August 13 – 17, I was at an incredibly wonderful space called Camp Gritty (blog post about Camp to come!) One of the nights was a giant dance party, and beforehand we got to get makeup-ready with total sweetheart and talented makeup artist Rosalina Young. You probably know her as ahitsrosa on Instagram and YouTube. She’s been on my favorite makeup artists and inspiration for years (you can see a look I did inspired by her here!), and being able to get ready with her was such a cool experience!

Sugarpill and Melt Cosmetics sponsored the party, and because of that we got to walk away with a pink eyeshadow and a lipstick! I chose Melt Cosmetics Blow as my lipstick and I based my makeup look around that lipstick. Learn how I achieved this look down below!


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(Yet Another) Green and Glitter Underliner Makeup Look


Green and Glitter Underliner

I’ve had the picture for this look edited and ready since my last rainbow eye makeup look, but I never got around to posting about it. Right when I posted that look, I started a retail job that unfortunately didn’t pan out. Now that I have the time again, let’s start writing again!

Today I’m sharing this Green and Glitter Underliner look. This is extremely similar to the Pink Underliner look I did back in June, but this time it’s green! Underliner is my favorite way to incorporate color into my eye makeup without looking overly done or dramatic. Check out how to get this Green and Glitter Underliner look down below!

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February Empties: Read About My Garbage


February Empties

It’s February empties time, which means me explaining my trash! Does anyone else think this concept is weird yet oddly satisfying? Looking at all the empties I’m accumulated during the month makes me feel better about my purchasing habits. It also makes me feel accomplished that I used up an entire product. Read what I thought about all these products down below!

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Urban Decay Full Spectrum Unicorn #FOTD


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Unicorn #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

I miss colorful makeup. I’ve said it: I hate being an adult that can’t wear rainbow eyeshadow to work. I think I took college for granted. Why didn’t I see that it was the only time I could get away with wearing colorful, vibrant eyeshadow everyday? Two weeks ago I reviewed the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, and after that, I got some serious craving for color. I prefer cooler colors like green, blue and purple on my eyes, so I went to my comfort colors. Find out how I got this look down below!

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December Empties


December Empties | The Rebel Planner

Remember when I said I wanted to use up a ton of stuff in November because I was moving? And thought I actually used up a lot? Well that does not compare to how much stuff I used up in December. It’s like everything ran out at the same time. I’m pretty proud of all the things that I used up in December. I’m trying to use what I have instead of just buy more things, and I think that plan is going well. Check out my December empties down below!

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October Favorites


October Favorites | The Rebel Planner

Although this month I didn’t wear a lot of makeup (this seems to be how I’m starting a lot of my favorites lately…) I do have a few favorite to share with you. Read about my October Favorites down below!

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Fall Lip Picks


Fall Lip Picks | The Rebel Planner

I was looking through old posts and noticed that I did a post in the spring about my favorite lipsticks for that season. I then realized I didn’t do one for summer. So I’m bringing back this series with a post all about my favorite fall lipsticks!

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May Empties


May Empties | The Rebel Planner

Another month, another empties. This one wasn’t too exciting, but I got through some products I’ve been holding onto for a long time. Let’s check them out!

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Peach and Pink Spring #FOTD


Peach and Pink Spring #FOTD Overview | The Rebel Planner

This Spring has been a roller coaster of weather, but this week has been nice enough where I feel like I can wear pastels and not be too bright for the weather. I used my favorite Urban Decay palette to make this almost alien-like look, and if you want to recreate it, read more!

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#FOTD: Blue and Purple Eyeliner


Blue and Purple Eyeliner

This was a look I did for the last day of my finals week. I’ve been in love with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Distortion, so I used it differently for this look.

IMG_5706I applied Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Radium to create a thick wing for the base of the eyeliner. Making a wing with pencil was really tough, but sharpening the pencil to keep it sharp will make it easier. To make the blue and purple gradient, I used the Urban Decay Electric Palette. With a Sigma E11, I applied Gonzo to the inner part of the liner. Then with Urban, I created the wing. I blended the two colors together by blending Gonzo into Urban and Urban into Gonzo. I then dragged whatever was left on the brush under my lower lash line. Because there was still color on the brush, it gave this cool tie-dye effect. Some spots were purple, some were blue and some were periwinkle. I love the combo! I have to try mixing the two together in the future. To finish the look off and add some sparkle, I applied Distortion to the inner corner. I used Maybelline the Falsies Pushup Drama mascara.

I swear I do looks other than colorful eyeliner. Look out for them in the future!