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ColourPop Notion #FOTD

October 26, 2016

ColourPop Notion #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

I recently got a ColourPop order in and decided to test out one of lippies I got before heading off to Starbucks to work on the blog. ColourPop Notion Ultra Matte Lip was the reason I bought the Can You Knot bundle so I casually wore it on a Sunday afternoon.

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Chaotic Acid #FOTD

September 7, 2016

Chaotic Acid #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

It’s been a hot while since I’ve uploaded a #FOTD. It’s been what, two months? That’s too crazy. That’s too long without a fun makeup look. And what would be more perfect to bring back a #FOTD than with acid green and blue? Nothing. So if you want to recreate this look, read below!

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Blue Glitter Wing #FOTD

June 8, 2016

Blue Glitter Wing #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

Glittery, statement wings are my go-to look for when I want an impactful look that takes no time. For lunch with a friend I decided to go with a bright blue wing with fun yellow glitter. Find out how I got the look down below!

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Flamethrower #FOTD

May 24, 2016

Flamethrower #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

It’s been a while since I’ve done a #FOTD, hasn’t it? Well today I’m here to share one of my favorite looks in a while. This look was created using the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette (I have a review if you want to read it!) and I love the main orange color I used called Flame. I’ve never done a orange and green look before but I like the contrast between the two colors!

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Rose and Gold Wing

May 6, 2016

Rose and Gold Wing Overview | The Rebel Planner

So today’s post was supposed to be much different. Originally I had a blue and purple smokey, halo eye in mind, but it didn’t turn out the same as I had in my head. After that I just wanted something simple but impactful and I opted to play with some pigments. And after a half hour of playing, I got this really cool rose and gold flashing eyeliner. Want to know how I achieved this? Keep reading!

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Peach and Pink Spring #FOTD

April 15, 2016

Peach and Pink Spring #FOTD Overview | The Rebel Planner

This Spring has been a roller coaster of weather, but this week has been nice enough where I feel like I can wear pastels and not be too bright for the weather. I used my favorite Urban Decay palette to make this almost alien-like look, and if you want to recreate it, read more!

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Pink Spring #FOTD

March 30, 2016

Pink Spring #FOTD Overview | The Rebel Planner copy

Spring is in full bloom and today I have to share with you my first Spring look. Pastel pinks seem to take over my face once the warmer weather comes around, and my first look for the season is no different. See how I got it down below!

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Negasonic Teenage Warhead Inspired Makeup

March 2, 2016

Negasonic Teenage Warhead Inspired Makeup logo

I, much like everyone else, saw Deadpool over the weekend. While Deadpool himself was hilarious, it was Negasonic Teenage Warhead that stole my heart. She’s everything I wanted to be in high school: intimidating, bald and can shoot fire. I was inspired by her makeup in the movie and decided to recreate it and hopefully I got the intimidation factor down. Want to create it yourself? Find out how below!

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